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  • 02:00 Ick, more thoroughly chewed gum left on my shelves.
    Also, I wish there was actual work to do. Sigh. So bored. #
  • 03:00 Hey, dayshift, how about you order me some bloody frigging stock? I'm sick of staring at all the empty holes and having nothing to do. #
  • 04:30 Srsly, folks, order me some stock. Please? Pretty please?
    ... Pretty please with a cherry on top? #
  • 07:20 @labelle_rebelle *grins* #
  • 07:21 @beautydreaming I like it even more now that's I've seen a picture of the whole thing. It's soooooo awesome. *snugs you* #
  • 07:22 @beautydreaming Also I apparently fail at typing at seven in the morning after finishign work. #
  • 10:36 @labelle_rebelle They also have to have ordered it for it to come in on a truck. Which they haven't. We CAN get new stock right now. #
  • 16:11 @beautydreaming Wha huh? It cut you off part way through. #
  • 21:16 @beautydreaming What did you coworkers think of your new and awesome hair? #
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