caitlin_chan (caitlin_chan) wrote,


  • 02:33 Yay for Tim's night! #
  • 03:04 And for once dayshift actually saved doughnuts for us! Woot! #
  • 03:32 Damn it, work, why must it be so freaking cold in here?! #
  • 06:22 Oh, look, we're off early. For about the bajillionth time. Sigh. #
  • 15:46 Sewing patches on my work pants, woo. Though they are awesome: one has variegated green swirlies and the other has purple swirlies. :D #
  • 17:55 It's East Coast night at the campus bar tonight, but I can't go because I have to work. Sadface! D: #
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