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I am no longer a Convergys phone monkey! WOOT! *parties*

Also, to steal from beautydreaming, whom I am now living with for sure, because the res office confirmed it yesterday:

Normal person: *walks into our room* *sees unmitigated chaos, as if a library and a thrift store collided and then exploded* *flees*

Us: *walk into our room* *sees the pile of clean clothes, pile of dirty clothes, pile of clothes that just need the dryer since we wore them in the rain, stack of textbooks, pile of frequently used reference books, stack of not-so-frequently used reference books . . .*

This is one of the truest things ever written, because when we get together it's like a Literary Magpie's nest. (Yes, a new breed of magepie. XD)

And yay for fantasyecho, because she loves nerds. ^_^
Tags: friends, oh god there's two of them, personal, university

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