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  • 02:54 In FMA Brotherhood 45: the most epic passing of notes and game of telephone to ever exist in ever. I love it! #
  • 08:43 This should be required reading for... well, everyone ever, really: #links #
  • 08:47 Oh, also: possible trigger warning for that link. #
  • 10:30 @ladykittykat So what should we do about the marginalisation, the trivialisation of experienced violence, the denigration, etc. instead? #
  • 10:33 @ladykittykat But if no one makes attempts to educate in case they're acc
    used of forcing people, nothing will ever change. #
  • 10:37 @ladykittykat I never said anyone had to believe/agree with anything at that link. I said people should read it. There's a major difference. #
  • 11:45 @ladykittykat That was me explaining where _I_ was coming from. That was not a lecture saying "you have to think the same thing I do!" #
  • 11:48 @ladykittykat Also: not sensational, thanks. And please don't call me "honey". #
  • 12:10 @ladykittykat Pleas
    e don't call me "sugar", either, or anything else like that. I don't really like it (from anyone). #
  • 12:12 @ladykittykat According to the definition of "sensational", the 101 post I linked to doesn't count; I don't know how you define it though. #
  • 12:26 @ladykittykat That post is intended to educate, and does not use exaggerated details, so I still don't see how it fits. #
  • 13:13 Totally didn't know spiders essentially use hydraulics to move their legs. Very, very neat. #coolbeans #
  • 14:52 This seriously makes me nauseous: Utah Bill Criminalize
    s Miscarriage | via @sharethis #vile #links #
  • 22:36 Just saw 'Precious' in New Glasgow with @hurricanewinds. It was really good but omg I cried! #
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