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  • 00:15 @BajanDesignerA If you need my help in the morning, call me from 7-8am, or tweet me by then (I'll be in bed by 8 if I don't hear from you). #
  • 00:52 Getting my cartlige pierced on Friday. Haven't decided which ear yet, though. #
  • 06:06 Yay off early! #
  • 06:40 @BajanDesignerA If you need my help, don't bother tweeting - just call me. <3 #
  • 06:46 Damn you, internet, stop blinking in and out. Asshole. #
  • 14:02 @BajanDesignerA I'm so sorry! I fell asleep this morning and the phone didn't wake me (it usually does) so I just saw you called a bit ago #
  • 14:36 I have seventy cents in my bank account. DDDDDDDD: Please hurry up, Friday - I need my paycheque! #
  • 15:42 I have a bunch of random people I don't know following me, lol. Ah well, whatever turns their crank. :) #
  • 15:45 Question for my tweeps: which ear should I get my cartilage piercing in? I fail at deciding, lol. <3 #poll #
  • 23:02 I get to spend two hours doing something... not even remotely useful or constructive. Yay. /sarcasm #
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