caitlin_chan (caitlin_chan) wrote,


  • 02:14 Ugh, so bored #
  • 02:31 So far, I have two votes for piercing my right ear and one for my left. Also: Mum is going to freak whenever she sees it. It'll be great. :D #
  • 04:21 Doing mods - yay productivity! #
  • 05:00 My hands smell like laundry detergent. Blah. #
  • 06:35 So close to quitting time. So, so close.... augh. #
  • 07:19 @hurricanewinds Hm... lately I've been sleeping on my left side, though, so I don't know. #
  • 08:45 Free Nadia Quazi: #links #feminism #
  • 15:38 Via @hurricanewinds: Shopping's a feminist activity because it's a venue in which women are seen as consumers and not consumables. #feminism #
  • 17:02 So I'm amused by the fact that it's a couple degrees cooler out at my place than it is in town, lol. #
  • 23:47 Yay! Stock! That is useful! #
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