caitlin_chan (caitlin_chan) wrote,

Import-site goodness

The game for my DS that I ordered off of Lik-Sang arrived today!  Yay!  I love import sites, especially reliable ones like Lik-Sang.  As well as my game ("Ossu! Tatakae! Ouendan!"), I had ordered some cases for DS games, which I got and are in cool colours, and a random Naruto keychain (I can't remember which bunch it was).  Upon opening my parcel, I thought about how awesome it would be if I had gotten Gaara, since I wubs him, but knew I probably hadn't, since it's random and the series has fifteen or so different ones.  Then I opened the little box; it went something like this:

Me: *fangirlish squee*  GAARA!  *huggles tiny keychain*

Yeah, I'm hopeless.  Oh well, at least I enjoy my hopelessness.  And I don't write Mary-Sues for Gaara to fall in TWU WUB!! OMG!!one!1!!eleven!! with.

Naruto/Gaara OTP!! *squees*

*ahem*  Yeah, I'll be going now.  *scuttles away*
Tags: fandom, fangirling, gaming, naruto

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