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OMG! Three days!
terror alert
So I've changed my layout for NaNoWriMo - hence the notebook paper design. ^_^

Last night was Rocky Horror Night - X Pride (the LGBQT society here) put on the Rocky Horror Picture Show in Nicholson on the big screen. And a bunch of people dressed up, including me, and beautydreaming, who was Magenta. It was much fun. Mitch went as Magenta, too, and Jess was an amazing Riff Raff. It was fantastic. electronic_emo was Columbia.

There will be pictures - oh, there will be pictures.

Once I get around to uploading them.

*clears throat, shifty eyes*

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Creative layout. Very impressive. A great writer and graphic artist!

I have yet to see that film and I am angry at myself for not doing so.

Actually, I didn't code the layout. It's one of the styles from the Style Contest. ^^;; I wish I could code like this.

Ooo, another Rocky Horror virgin! You must see it - it's fantastic. Even better, is if you can see it live in a theatre, because then you get the amusing additions.

Brad: My name is Brad Majors...
Audience: ASSHOLE!
Brad: ... and this is my fiancee, Janet Weis.
Audience: SLUT!

I missed Rocky Horror Night. *kicks myself* I'm completely out of the loop.

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