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  • 00:03 Mum I think stable? They haven't said specifically anything but she's all doped up anyway. #
  • 00:17 I hate the waiting game. #
  • 00:41 The doc is sending Mum to Halifax. Her stats (whatever stats those are) haven't come down so he wants to send her now(-ish) and not later. #
  • 01:14 I fucking hate this. Once was bad enough, but this one is worse and fucking fuck fuck fuck I HATE THIS. #
  • 01:28 Mum wants Father Gary (current and former Parish priest), though Dad and I can't fucking figure out why, but it freaks us out. #
  • 01:52 Mum's
    left for Halifax with the PTU, so we're going home to get some stuff and then heading up to the city. #
  • 02:06 @hurricanewinds Don't feel that you have to stay awake, but all thoughts/prayers/vibes/karma is definitely appreciated. #
  • 02:13 Not going to Hali any more. Mum's heart stopped but they got it restarted and everything, but they're turning around to come back here. #
  • 03:10 Discussing putting a catheter my brother's nose to drain his sinuses. This is what we do while we wait for news: have ridiculous discussions #
  • 03:13 Thwy're getting ready to tranfer Mum again with the addition of an RN to the a
    mbulance team. #
  • 03:43 Mum's left and we're getting gas and getting on the road to follow her to Halifax. #
  • 05:33 We're in Hali safe and sound in spite of the ridiculous amount of fog. #
  • 08:09 Crashing on @jhameia 's couch because there will be way too many people at Grandma's for me to deal with. Mum' stable and okay as possible. #
  • 14:45 @frazledog I'll probably be up till tomorrow, but I don't think I'm gonna be up for hanging out, not with what's going on. #
  • 19:26 Mum's stable, comfortable, and doing as well as can be expe
    cted. Don't have a specific cause/treatment plan, diagnostic tests start Tues. #
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