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NaNo and ... stuff.
terror alert
On NaNo: I am way behind. My current word count is 3728, and I'm supposed to have 6668.

On stuff: I have a girlfriend. Everyone say hello to guitarpulsation!

*wanders off happily oblivious*

*is pursued by her neglected words and plotbunnies*

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**beats off the words and plotbunnies**

Hopefully they don't come after me, next.

Yay for you and Leah! So cute.


Thank you for saving me! ^_^

How far behind are you?

We're cute? *blush*

I am kinda giggly and blushy! Yay for Scotsburn ice cream today!

Yay for Scotsburn ice cream indeed! ^_^

*cue gigantic AWWWWWW*

AWWWWWWWWWWW! *is happy for you*

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