caitlin_chan (caitlin_chan) wrote,

Thanks, guys. So much. All of you who commented, who talked to me - here on LJ or elsewhere - I really, really appreciate it.

Sorry I got my wangst all over you. *HUG* But I'm okay now - well, mostly okay, and working on getting more okay - so y'all don't need to worry, kay? I'm feeling lots better. (Though the return of my capital letters and stuff probably gave you a hint about that, haha.)

But seriously. You guys are awesome friends, even though I'm sorta failing at it at the moment, as I'm really busy and haven't talked to some of you in ages - Ibut even when I'm not managing to talk to you or email you (I suck at that) or whatever, I do think about you folks and I do care about you. (Not to mention totally failing to update my LJ for months at a tome, but I'm gonna work on that one. Really. Seriously. I mean it this time. ...Don't look at me like that! XD)
Tags: depression, i love my friends, life's so messed up but we're alive, not dead!, wangst: party of one, woe is me

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