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(no subject)
Just a quickie before I head off to bed.

Talked to my best friend Jessica earlier, who just moved out west. She made it out okay, though her connecting flight left without the people from her flight that were supposed to be on it (all seven of them). WestJet had to put them up in a hotel overnight and feed them, because they only have one flight a day to where she was going. Her semi-moron boyfriend had locked the apartment, so when she arrived she had to go to the rental office and convince them that she was on the lease to get a key. She did. Then promptly decided she was bored, so went to get groceries and things at Superstore.

I miss my Jessica.

On a better note, my day at work today was NOT made of stupid like Tuesday was, and tomorrow is Friday.

Argued with my mother about my money habits tonight. She assumes that me spending seven dollars on payday for some yummy chocolate means that I can't possibly have the discipline to save money for school and a laptop and for Anime North/Anime Boston (whichever I end up going to). Fucking no. Thanks for trusting me, Mum. Really.

I think I'll walk to work tomorrow as long as the weather isn't terrible. I need to clear my head.