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*comes up for air*
So... my current word count is 18,627. By midnight today (11/16) I'm supposed to be at 26,672.

I think I am very screwed. XD

Novel will be posted here, but only once I have time to edit it and make it fit for public consumption - meaning once December hits. I'll probably get a chapter or two out between my Psych exam on the sixth and my next exam, whatever it is, on the fifteenth or so.

Also: just now, while typing in the "music" I'm listening to, I accidentally typed "dialysis" instead of "daily".


Okay, back to the novel.

*dives back in*
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Good luck! You can do it! ♥!

I'm at 22000, which isn't so bad, but i DON'T KNOW WHERE I'M GOING WITH IT. ;_; TEH NANO, IT IS EATING MY BRAINZ.

Thanks! You can do it too!

NaNo is eating your brain? "Cannot brain, have the NaNo!"

Were you the person I ran into somewhere during a NaNo discussion who said they wanted to read my novel? Or was that someone else? *has a terrible memory*

*sends virtual caffeine*

Teehee. ^_^

*squees* Yay for virtual caffeine!

How many words did you say it was?

Can't wait to read... Should be wonderful.

Well, the total word count that you're supposed to hit for the month is 50,000, which means the ideal count per day is 1667.

In other words, I now have to write 2092 words per day, on average, to finish on time.

I'm glad you're looking forward to it, though. ^_^

About how many pages would 50,000 words be?

Why wouldn't I? You're a great writer. That's how met!

I think that 50K is around a 175 pages in paperback pocket book size.

^_^ Just so you're warned, though, I've already paired Shikamaru and Chouji, and I'm going to pair Naruto and Gaara, and Lee and Neji. I pprobably won't have anything past a PG-ish rating, though, as far as sex goes, and if I do it will have warnings galore. ^^

What other pairings have you considered?

I haven't really thought about it beyond those - there won't be much focus on Shikamaru/Chouji or Lee/Neji, they'll just be mentioned kind of in passing. Naruto/Gaara is going to be my main pairing. I have considered Hinata/Kiba, because I think it's absolutely adorable. ^_^

Have you got any thoughts on pairings?

I generally prefer pairings that Masashi himself had indicated to, such as Sakura/Sasuke and especially Naruto/Hinata because Hinata has always had a special place in my heart and I would want whatever would make her happy.

I'm probably not going to have much Sasuke at all, because he annoys the shit out of me, and I can't write him worth crap. for any length of time.

As for Hinata/Naruto... well, you've seen where that's going. Thing is, I can totally see potential for Hinata/Kiba in the series, too. They do spend time together outside of team activities - they go to the Chuunin exam finals together, for one, and Kiba's all freaking out when Hinata passes out there. ^^ I think that those two are absolutely adorable together.

Sasuke bothers me as well. Not only that, it also bothers me that Sakura can be so blinded.

I wouldn't disagree with Kiba/Hinata as since Kiba is one of my favorite characters, but the heart wants what Hinata wants. Anything to make that girl happy because she really deserves it.

True - but I'm not going to ignore the Naruto/Hinata chemistry, because that would just be shoddy. ^^;; I am going to work that in there, but in the end Naruto will end up with Gaara. Of course, Hinata will probably be sad, but still happy, because she would want Naruto to be happy. ^^

Indeed. What was your reasoning for those two?

Good luck! Feel the power, and whatnot!

You've only got 8k to catch up on, and there's two weeks left - you can still make it with a little luck. just don't be afraid to pad it out, I guess.

Oh, I've been padding for ages. ^^;;

My new daily average to meet is 2092.

Oh gods. XD

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