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Fuck you, you scum-sucking bitch
So. Big French 220 project was due today. Group project, unfortunately. I was pretty okay with it, until I got the two sections from the others in my group. Cheryl's wasn't too bad; Kayla's, on the other hand... well, I'll let some quotes speak for me. These are word-for-word, copy-pasted from what she sent me, and keep in mind that she is supposed to be a third-year French major.

"Le Snowqueen sur James St attracks beaucoup de gens..."
"Il y a seulement un de chaque restuarant qui est bon."
"Beaucoup des étudiants d'Université travaillent aux restaurants."
"Les Restaurants dans la promenade de distance de chaque autre, et localisé dans les rues de bien lit."
"Les barres et les pubs c’est Pat’s Place, Chuggles, Piper’s Pub, The Oriental Lounge, et The Golden X Inn lequel peut être trouvé sur le Campus d'Université."
"Ils ont été sus même pour avoir musicials comme Ashli MacIsaac et le Trews!"

So... yeah. Anyone who speaks/reads French should see what I mean.

Anyhow, I was, of course, rather pissed off, as I basically had to go through Kayla's entire section line by line to check everything and correct it. I changed my MSN name to reflect what I was doing ("At X - Caitlin - working on Fre220 paper, doing lots of corrections on the other people's parts..."), and Kayla wasn't too happy. Maybe I was being a little petty, but it was either that or totally tear her a new one, because I was flaming pissed.

Kayla MSNed me this evening, rather annoyed....

Usernames shortened because hers was too fucking long!

Kayla says:
u there?
Kayla says:
mesg me when you get this...we have to talk
At X - Caitlin - did 4K today! Woo! says:
You there?
Kayla says:
Kayla says:
i just wanted to say that we are in a group project together....as a group and if u didn't think that my grammmar was good enough then you should of been smart enough to send it back to me. i didnt appreciate your nick name on msn. we are getting marked individually and i dont have time for little kid remarks. i need to get a good grade on this proj and if you didnt think my part was good enough
Kayla says:
then you should of been mature enough to send it backc......not change ur nick on msn to something immature
Kayla says:
got it?
At X - Caitlin - did 4K today! Woo! says:
In all previous experiences with group projects, sending things back never got them done any better.
At X - Caitlin - did 4K today! Woo! says:
I'm sorry if I offended you, though.
Kayla says:
you deffinitly offended me and most deffinitly did the wrong thing.....so know for next time. you just showed me that you think very poorly of me so i dont have time for that. lets get this presentation done and if you have a problem with me, dont tell me 5 mins before we present. im a big girl and third year and all about good marks. understand?
At X - Caitlin - did 4K today! Woo! says:
My nickname was not intended as a slight to you, it was just what I happened to be doing at the time. I never said that I think poorly of you personally. Ever. I never said that I had a problem with you.
At X - Caitlin - did 4K today! Woo! says:
You're not the only one that needs a good mark on this project, and I'm not a little kid either.
Kayla says:
well im being open. you should of told me this last Night...not right before the paper was due. that was a kid thing to do. i am also a french major so i need this mark bad. you obviously dont know how hard i work. so im being honest with you...you should of told me last Night...bottom line.
Kayla says:
Cya sometime to work on the presentation
At X - Caitlin - did 4K today! Woo! says::
I didn;t want to bring i tup last night because my temper was already shot. I would have ended up saying something I didn't mean and fucked everything right to hell.
I never said that you don't work hard, and like I said, you aren;t the only one that needs this mark.
At X - Caitlin - did 4K today! Woo! says:
If I don't get a minimum of a 60 average for the year, then I'll be dismissed form the university and unable to come back, and it will apply to ALL Canadian universities, so I'm under more than a little bit of pressure right now.
Kayla says:
i dont care if you had a rough Night...thats none of my businesss....only this project is my buisness so if you couldnt handle it then yyou should of told us. bottom line. i gotta go. bye
At X - Caitlin - did 4K today! Woo! says:
The project was the CAUSE of the rough night.

Okay, whatever. Bye.
Kayla says:
are you serious?
At X - Caitlin - did 4K today! Woo! says:
Kayla says:
are you thinking straight?
At X - Caitlin - did 4K today! Woo! says:
Kayla says:
why was the project the cause of your stress???
Kayla says:
because of the mistakes?
At X - Caitlin - did 4K today! Woo! says:
Because I'm already failing that class and I had what was basically a panic attack, okay?
Kayla says:
soooo because of the mistakes?
At X - Caitlin - did 4K today! Woo! says:
At X - Caitlin - did 4K today! Woo! says:
Partly, but not entirely.
Kayla says:
Kayla says:
anyways this is getting no wheree
Kayla says:
At X - Caitlin - did 4K today! Woo! says:
Fine. Bye.

I sent the whole file she gave me to iamatwerp because she wanted to read it... and she said it better than I ever could:
Greg is practically crying over this. He says there is some of it that is so bad he doesn't know how to correct it because he doesn't have a FUCKING clue what she is saying... and Greg is fluently bilingual enough to work in the Chaleur region of NEW BRUNSWICK outside of Quebec almost as French as you can get :)

This was for our final project for the entire semester, and she had the gall to go on at me about needing a good mark when she sent me that shit. And she's SURPRISED and ANNOYED that I didn't send it back to her for corrections - I wonder why! She spelt "restaurant" right ONCE in the entire four pages of text she sent me, and randomly capitalized things that didn't need to be. If anyone is really that curious, I'll send you the file, though you may regret it once you get it....

Anyways, enough ranting. I think everyone can see why I'm so flaming pissed at her. Stupid, scum-sucking little whore. Of course, I wasn't actually sorry about offending her, but we still have a presentation to put together, so I have to try and keep things semi-civil until that's finished with.

Going to do more NaNo now - I already did almost 4000 words today, and I'm sure I can punch out another thousand or two considering how pissed I am.

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That truely and seriously sucks.

*hugs back* Thanks.

And yeah, it does rather suck. I hope to god I don't have to work with her again after this. DX

What a bitch! I wish I could tear a strip off of her.

You were totally in the right. Her composition was horrible!!

Gack. Some people.

Yup, she's a bitch. I want to tear a strip off of her, too.

use it on her project or whatever you want to use it on


Thank you kindly! *cocks gun*

oh shit what did I start lol

walks whistling away... no officer I know nothing about a shotgun :)


A French major and 3 years into it. There has got to be something wrong there.

You could tell her grammar all too wonderful because her English sort indicated so. She capitalized "night" twice, unnecessarily.

Yeah, it's kind of terrifying. I think she should be glad that I did corrections on her section at all. I was sorely tempted to hand it in without correcting it, since we are being marked individually, but that would have reflected poorly on me, since I was the one putting the sections together.

Maaaa, I sympathise. I can't actually tell what's wrong with her French, but as a third year German student, I have total sympathy for bad grammar making your brain explode. (Granted, Grammatik is difficult for me as well, but that doesn't mean I'd flip on the guy who sits next to me correcting me on dative case pronouns or adjective endings, no more than he flips out when I correct his pronunciation.)

*Pets* And good luck with NaNo!

Thanks for the sympathy. Even if you can't speak French, I'm sure you noticed "restaurant" being spelt wrong, as well as this phantom, pretend word: attracks. It was beyond bad grammar, some sections were literally incomprehensible.

Long time, no talk! How's things? Anything for 20_inkspots?

Yes, I did see "restaurant". Especially since it's spelled the same way in German, too. >.>

Things are mostly fine. My mother's in Missouri and I won't see her again till Christmas, which is... aaargh how am I supposed to take care of the boys in my family?!... but school and such are going well.

As for 20_inkspots... Well, by the time you see this in your inbox, you should see some art there, too. :D

Yeah, I know. I died a little bit inside. :(

It's good that school is going well - not so cool about not seeing your mum. :(

Also: I got it! *izded of squee* And about the time you see this, you should get my reply e-mail....

Oh cod. If her French grammar is as bad as her English grammar, then there's just no hope for her, at all. Just get out of the Arts program, altogether.

They should make French majors write an exam, to get into that program. Weed out "teh stupid".

**sends hugs**


Yeah, it's terrifying.

If only. *sighs*

Thanks. *hugs back*

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