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The quintessential beautydreaming and I
beautydreaming and I: *sitting around watching "Heroes"*
*phone rings*
beautydreaming: It's you dad. I'm psychic.
Me: ...He called earlier, didn't he?
beautydreaming: *in little voice* ...Yes.

(Current word count: 39,493)

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Wow... I can see this in my head. Vividly.

I had to reread it to understand it, but that resulted positively as it succeeded in making me laugh.

How much time you have left for about 10,000 more words.

Yay for laughs!

Midnight my time on Thursday is when it has to be submitted for validation by. ^_^

Sheez you two are too much alike...

Hey Caitie... want to shoot me pls?


We really are very alike, aren't we?

*shoots Caroline* Better?

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