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OMGYAY. I won!
Final word count: 50,050

*goes off to nurse her tendinitis-afflicted wrist with ibuprofen, ice pack, and the three naproxen left over from the last time she had tendinitis*

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Hurrah for you! :D But then, we already knew you were a winner.

Someday, somehow, I will try Nanowrimo.

Awww, thanks!! ^_^

See, that's the great thing about NaNo! All that is required is that you try! ^_^

Yay! *cheers with pom poms* Go Caitlin! Go Caitlin!!!



Now, when do we get to read? ^_^

Once I've edited at least the prologue and first chapter to actually not be horrid and readable. ^_^

Please put up the masterpiece as soon as you can.

Trust me, it is NOT fit for general consumption yet. *reads a section and then shudders* I used epithets instead of names (ie. the redhead) or personal pronouns just to boost my word count, and rambled on entirely too much.

I'll fix it, though and then post it. I promise. I'm getting a copy printed by LuLu.com (they do that for NaNo winners, for free!) and it has to be submitted by January 16th, so you can be guaranteed something by then.

Right now, I have to study my ass off for my exams!

Alright. Again, I await patiently.

This should be a real treat.

Good luck on exams, ma'am.

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