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Dubbed Naruto
So I got beautydreaming to turn on the dubbed Naruto because I wanted to know where they are on YTV and I' a sucker for punishment. The first thing I head, surprisingly, was "Haruka Kanata".

Yes, they're using "Haruka Kanata" on the dubbed Naruto! *bounces*

Although, it SHOULD be "Kanashimi wo Yasashisa Ni" and they're smushing random bit of animation together to make the opening credits instead of the actual animation.

Of course, the voices still make me die inside, but Temari's isn't actually that bad. I'm still waiting to hear Gaara's. Shikamaru's sucks, though, and so does Kankurou's. :(

*waits* *brain bleeds as Naruto speaks*

..."Pervy sage"? That's kind of accurate, at least.

*Gaara speaks*

Nooooooooooooooo... *weeps* They killed Gaara... they killed his voice... even Chibi Gaara... ;_;

I knew there was a reason I didn't watch the dub... but I'm still going to wait and see what they're using as the ending - if it's that random thing they used before, or one of the Japanese ending songs.

*brains continues to hemorrhage as Naruto and assorted other badly-voiced characters speak more*

And... oh look, they're using random instrumentals instead of good music.

*goes off to wallow in her fandom-related angst*

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I've gotten somewhat used to the dub, since it's what my mother watches instead of the subs.

I'm actually not too dissapointed in most of the voices-- Shino is made of fail, and Naruto's will never stop being irritating, but Chouji is decent, and if Sakura and Ino screech... well, didn't they in the Japanese, as well?

Rationalization makes the pain go away. :D

Sadly, there's only a few really, truly good dubs out there, but there's also so many that are far worse off than Naruto. (I wince in pain when I hear newvoice!James in Pokémon. D: He sounds like someone with a sore throat trying to sound like James.) If it makes you feel better, at least you can still watch the subs. Right? :D

Your mum watches Naruto? That's so awesome! I wish I could get MY parents into anime, but they think it's junk. :(

Most of them bug me, although Hinata's isn't horrid, and Temari's was okay. Kankurou's sounds like he's a skater boy or someone else that I can't identify, though, and Gaara's makes me think of a heavy smoker or someone who's been sining in smoky jazz clubs for thirty years. ^^;;

I only wish that rationalization worked for me. :(

As far as good dubs go, the Disney dubs for the Ghibli stuff have all been great. The FMA dubs is pretty good. And yes, I take solace in the fact that I have all of the episodes burned to data DVD or on my harddrive.

Oh, and you have LO!Zack in your moodtheme. *Squees* :D Zack is so much love. *Uses her Sephiroth icon, for lack of a Zack*

Yes, Zack is much love. I adore my moodtheme. ^_^ It includes the Turks! XD *uses her Cloud/Seph icon for lack of Zack actually uploaded, though there must be some in the folder that contains her 1100+ icons*

English people ruin everything. Clearly! I love "Haruka Kanata" though! *dances around her multi-coloured dorm and gets dizzy from the spinny neonisms* Whhheeeeeeeeeeee! *DIVES into a pile of mangas* NEVER TO RETURN!!!

*giggles at her girlfriend's antics* Yay! Manga! *joins her in the pile of manga*

I cannot stand Shikamaru's voice, he has probably the worst of them all. Gaara's voice is tolerable, not what I would like it to be, but tolerable just the same. The only I feel fully fit was Sasuke, not only that, but he actually pronounces Naruto correctly.

Most of them annoy me. Sasuke's is, I think the best out of all of them, mostly because his English voice sounds less like a child molester than his Japanese voice does. XD

Lol. I just prefer his pronounciation of the names. He rolls his "R's" making it at least sound somewhat similar to the original Japanese pronounciation.

And don't get me started on Akamaru! When does a small, cute dog like that sound like it is supposed to be three times bigger!

What I don't understand is why there even bothered to dub Akamaru. I mean, it isn't like he speaks in WORDS. *dies inside*

Indeed. That racked my brain a bit, but I was more irked by his new dub.

*is a glutton for punishment*

Okay, I'm gonna totally make enemies saying this, but I love the dub VAs. Like, all of them. XD I was kind of irritated by Shino's at first, but after hearing him in his battle against Kankuro in the forest, I changed my mind.

Aww, you don't like Gaara's VA? I think it sounds deep, husky, and sexy... a real sign of his maturity. That is, after his fight with Naruto. Before that, Gaara admittedly sounds insane. Damn you, evil Shukaku!

Re: *is a glutton for punishment*

Hey, you can like the dub VAs al you want, that's your opinion. ^_^ I'm not one of those scary OMG U LIEK TEH DUB U SUK! scary elitist people. Whatever floats one's boat. :D

Haha, nope. Though maybe it's better now that he doesn't sound insane? I haven't heard it recently. I'm pretty much either neutral or blah towards most of them, though I kinda like Sasuke's because, as I said, he sounds less like a child molester than in the Japanese. XDD

Re: *is a glutton for punishment*

Well, I am certainly glad that you won't persecute me for liking the dub VAs. You truly have no idea how many times I've been berated for that. It's like I'm not allowed to have an opinion or something. *rubs temples in frustration*

Actually, you know what, it did get a lot better after the Naruto-asskicking battle. Gaara scared me several times during the Chunin exam, but in his fight against Kimimaro, some of the things he said really made me melt and squee. XD He sounds so badass...

Re: *is a glutton for punishment*

The whole "I'm better than you because I like the subs" attitude pisses me right the hell off. I mostly like subs better than dubs, but that's only MY opinion. I don't have the right to force my OPINION on everyone else. I'll say, "Oh, well, I like the subs", but I won't say, "man, you like the dubs? Are you deaf, stupid, or both?" or anything of that sort. It's just plain rude. I' mean, I'll lament them and go "woe is me!" and "they're so bad!" but I won't tell anyone that they can't think they're good, or that they're stupid or something for liking them.

...I'm going to have to look some of those episodes up now. I want to hear Kimimaro's and Lee's voices, too. (Haha, maybe I should be calling myself a glutton for punishment, what with how I find the voices. XD)

Re: *is a glutton for punishment*

Oh, no, I encourage you to give them a try, at the very least. I truly adore Gaara's VA. Lee and Kimimaro were great too. :)

I think it's between episodes 124-127... One of those is Gaara making his dramatic entrance by saving Lee from a fatal attack. After that point, Gaara and Kimimaro's battle lasted 2 episodes.

Re: *is a glutton for punishment*

All right, I'll give them a try. LOL YouTube? XD (But I can't make any promises. XDD)

Yeah, the Gaara versus Kimimaro fight is around there.

Re: *is a glutton for punishment*

Unfortunately, I think YouTube doesn't allow Naruto episodes to be posted up there anymore... something to do with copyright laws, believe.

But you will totally find them at www.veoh.com so head on over there. ^_~

Re: *is a glutton for punishment*

Haha, they've never actually ALLOWED the episodes up there, people just put them there. XD Also, I just found 126 part one. XDD

Veoh doesn't work for me, so it's just as well that at least one of the relevant episodes is on YouTube. ^^;;

Re: *is a glutton for punishment*

Only part 1? Bah... Well, tell me what you think of the voices when you're done watching. :)

Really? Interesting... Why is that, if I may ask?

Re: *is a glutton for punishment*

I found the other parts, too, but only had part one loading, actually. ^^;;

I have NO idea. XDD I just know that I can't play the videos. Or at least, I couldn't last time I tried. Maybe I could now.

*watches videos*

Okay, Lee's is good, though the random total removal of contractions irritates me, because... yeah. Anyways. Lee = pretty good, and I think it gets him across pretty well. (ALSO: OMG IT'S BRIAN DONOVAN!! I SWEAR TO GOD IT MUST BE!)
Kimimaro... honestly, he reminds me of Dist the Rose Reaper Runny Rose from Tales of the Abyss with the accent he has when he speaks and doesn't shout, so that makes it harder for me to take his dub voice entirely seriously. ^^;; (For reference: Dist the Rose)
Gaara's is... still a little off to me - like, he's kinda breathy and such, so it sounds a little weird to me. ^^;; But much better than during the Chuunin exam, OMG. XDD
(Naruto's still makes me cringe, though, particularly how he says "sauce-gay" for Sasuke. <_<)

Edited at 2008-02-19 06:07 pm (UTC)

Re: *is a glutton for punishment*

Hehehe, hey, at least you tried! Most people would just dismiss the matter without even considering it. I give you major props for that.

*huggles Gaara* I love him in that episode. He was so snarky to Kimimaro... ^_^

*smacks Veoh* Stop being difficult, damn it. :P

Re: *is a glutton for punishment*

Haha, well, thanks. But I'll still never be able to hear dub!Kimimaro without thinking of Dist. It's what I get for being obsessed with that game and having played it before hearing dub!Kimimaro. XDD So I'm totally tempted to start calling Kimimaro, "Kimimarrow." Lame puns away~!

OMG, I know. Oh Gaara. :D

*shrug* Ah well.

Re: *is a glutton for punishment*

Heh, well, feel free to mock Kimimaro. I don't have any particular attachment to him. ^_~ He tried to kill Gaara. D=

It's a shame that the other person, the Lee fan, from ffrants, was actually unahppy with this battle. I mean, I absolutely adored it. ^_^ Yay for Gaara pwnage. :P

Re: *is a glutton for punishment*

Haha, well, I do mock Gaara on occasion. But as myself and beautydreaming (and her mother) always say: we mock because we love to mock

I think I missed that thread - do you mean pikabot? (That's the only other person I noticed having great long conversations other than us. XDD)

Well, either way, I loved this battle, too. Even though Lee has some trouble, it really showed his personality well; his tenacity and drive and sheer determination to help his friends. ^__^

Re: *is a glutton for punishment*

Wanna know a secret? So do I, albeit rarely. ^_^ My friend and I like to make jokes about who is more emo between Sasuke and Gaara. XD

Yeah, that person. ^_^

Ahhh, hell yes. And the drunken fighting was very funny of course. :D I adored seeing Gaara fighting for the first time after his change of heart. I mean, the way he so diligently protected Lee throughout the battle - it was really nice. It's apparent that the Naruto-asskicking battle smacked some sense into Gaara!

...But I have to admit, I laughed hard when Gaara made snarky comments to Lee. XD

Gaara: *glances at Lee sideways* You're different. When we fought before, you had more agility and sharpness.
Lee: ...>_>;

Re: *is a glutton for punishment*

Haha, score. XDD I mock all my favourite characters equally. I'm a rabid fan, but I can still have fun at their expense as long as it's meant good-naturedly.


It was VERY nice. It made me squee. Lots. XDD

See, I didn't hear that as snark, it seemed more like simple observation, to me. I mean, it isn't like Gaara really knows all the social norms and mores that would keep a lot of people from saying what could basically boil down to "what happened to you? You were sucking out there." ^^;

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